Your partner for full-service publishing and production solutions, from project concept to completion

Creative content. Editorial excellence.

Layman Poupard provides a full complement of publishing services, from content strategy and editorial consultation to proofreading, composition services, permissions, and total project management.

Together with our partners, we draw on five decades of experience to ensure on-time delivery of engaging and authoritative work.

Content & Research

Our team produces authoritative original content in a variety of media for the social sciences, humanities, and beyond. Through our relationships with academic partners we offer curated content and expert fact checking.


We offer a full range of editorial services, including developmental editing, copyediting, fact-checking, and proofreading. All our work is subjected to a rigorous review process to ensure quality and authority.


We provide coding and metadata building, typesetting, indexing, design, and more. By working with our strategic offshore partners, we provide exceptional value, pairing cutting-edge technology with the best of human creativity and flexibility.


Our expert group researches and secures photo, text, and other media rights, promptly and at affordable rates.

Total Project Management

We offer end-to-end publishing solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Our Partners & Clients

Gale has been working with the staff at Layman Poupard and Bruccoli Clark Layman for 45 years. We rely on this editorial and production team to create many of our most treasured literary works. They have collaborated with us on many projects and I have always found them to be creative, responsive, and prompt. Their work is of the highest quality.

Jill Lectka, Vice President, Content Strategy & Development, Gale-Cengage Learning

Layman Poupard Publishing has secured permissions for complex Press titles with exceptional results. Our staff and authors appreciate Kourtnay and her team’s experience. Projects are completed in a thorough and timely manner. Whether it be permissions assessments, source research, completion of logs, or preparation of image files, LPP is expert in all aspects of permissions. They are my first and only contact for outsourcing permissions work.


The University of South Carolina have been proud to support the publishing efforts of Layman Poupard. We are pleased that our collections have played a role in the creation of reference standards such as the Literature Criticism Series (the largest curated collection of literature criticism for world authors ever assembled) and Dictionary of Literary Biography (the standard reference work for literary biography of world authors and the most comprehensive in the field).

Of equal importance to our library has been the contributions of the directors,  making possible (to name just a few) the acquisition of the most complete collection of Dashiell Hammett, a comprehensive collection of print materials and artwork of John Dos Passos, and the papers of Elmore Leonard

Every great research library has a select group of supporters who completely pledge themselves to the library. If I need assistance with any item that falls into the realm of publishing or literature, I know the Layman Poupard group will have an idea, know someone who can help me, or will guide me through a process. They are the rarest of friends and our Library is a better library because of them.

Thomas F. McNally, Dean, University Libraries, Thomas Cooper Library

Layman Poupard accounts for the greatest part, by far, of our permissions sales, and it’s always a pleasure to work with the permissions team there. Everyone I’ve ever had contact with there has been friendly, helpful, and efficient. I feel like we’re on the same side rather than adversaries, furthering the interests of both companies and reaching a wider audience with our content.