Trusted publishing solutions and content strategy

With an experienced team of experts and a worldwide network of partners,

Layman Poupard provides services ranging from specific production needs to total project management.


We collaborate on award-winning projects with leading publishers including Gale-Cengage, ProQuest, Facts On File, Princeton University Press, and more. Our company is technology-driven, utilizing proprietary software to efficiently manage and track complex workflows.

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Our Services


Our team produces authoritative original content in a variety of media for the social sciences, humanities, and beyond. With an experienced in-house writing staff and an extensive network of versatile freelance writers, Layman Poupard provides clients with engaging and reliable content for diverse needs.

Since 2010 our writers and editors have generated for our clients over 750 volumes totaling some 135 million words of descriptive material on subjects ranging from antiquity to the present. All materials are rigorously fact-checked and adhere to the highest editorial standards.


We offer a full range of editorial services, from developmental editing, to copyediting, proofreading, and more. Our experienced editors and project managers are ready to take your project from concept to completion.

Layman Poupard works closely with a diverse group of scholars who provide conceptual input and ensure the highest levels of accuracy. Through our relationships with academic partners we offer curated content, peer-review services, and expert fact checking.


Layman Poupard maintains a dedicated staff of experienced copyright specialists who work directly with publishers and individual copyright holders to secure rights for text, image, and other media. We develop and maintain relationships with rights holder to ensure the timely resolution of requests. Our approach to permissions is efficient, reliable, and backed by legal authority.


Layman Poupard provides prepress services, including coding and metadata building, typesetting, indexing, markup, proofreading, and design. Working with our strategic offshore partners, we provide exceptional value, pairing cutting-edge technology with the best of human creativity and expertise.


We are experienced project managers in the publishing industry, working with clients to conceptualize, design, and bring projects to successful and timely completion.